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Simply stated, our staff is one of our core assets. One of the reasons we started Beverly Hills Egg Donation (BHED) was in response to the frustration we heard from the infertility community -- Doctors, Nurses, Patients, Spouses, and Donors -- about the lack of professionalism they experienced when working with egg donor agencies.

In any successful business, the culture of the company comes from the top. Culture is extremely important in an egg donor agency, as the staff must not only be intelligent, knowledgeable and proactive, but they must also have a high degree of empathy and compassion. They must be meticulous about detail, and they must be respectful and diligent about maintaining the confidentiality necessary during the process.  At BHED, we will not employ any staff member who does not meet these criteria.

Many egg donation agencies have been started by people who see the business as a great money-making opportunity, but few are run by people who have experience in infertility both professionally and personally. The owner and staff of BHED are degreed business professionals -- all passionate about helping couples conceive. Robyn Perchik, Managing Partner of BHED, has over 29 years of experience in risk managment, and has a JD. In addition, BHED staff is very involved in the community, in both professional and charitable organizations.

Robyn Perchik, Managing Partner
An accomplished senior executive with over 29 years experience in risk management underwriting, Robyn brings her skills in strategic planning, operations, business development, human resource management and finance to BHED.

Roger P. Hermann, Chief Marketing Officer
Roger Hermann is Chief Marketing Officer of BHED. Mr. Hermann is a seasoned marketing executive having spent 25 years in the insurance industry working in risk management, marketing, and finance with several Fortune 500 companies.

Alexa Abrams, Director of Donor Recruitment
As Director of Donor Recruitment, Alexa is often the first contact our donors have with BHED, encouraging them as they complete their applications and guiding them through the process until they are matched.

Tamara Wieder, Cycle Coordinator
A Boston native, Tamara graduated from Tufts University with a BA in English and enjoyed a 15-year career as a journalist before joining the BHED organization.

Rebecca Schotz, Cycle Coordinator
Rebecca was born in Phoenix- The Valley of the Sun. She is a proud graduate from the University of Arizona majoring in Retailing and Consumer Sciences with minors in Psychology and Business Administration.

Whether you are a prospective egg donor or recipient, you will encounter other members of our staff as you work with BHED. If you are applying to become an egg donor, one of our donor recruiters will help you to determine if egg donation is right for you, and to answer any questions along the way you might have. The donor recruiter will also arrange for personal interviews with you (required of all our donors prior to being included in our database).

Whether you are a prospective donor or recipient, a member of our administrative staff will help you to understand and complete the application process, making it as painless and straightforward as possible.

Our patient and donor coordinators will make sure you that you are aware of and conform to the timeline (email reminders can be a wonderful tool!), that your “case” is coordinated with the doctor’s office(s) and BHED, and that your expectations for timing, success, etc. are realistic.

Our entire staff is committed to making the egg donation process as simple, methodical and efficient as possible. Whether you are having trouble using our online database or applications, or if you are concerned about anything during the process, we’re there for you.

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