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Robyn Perchik

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Robyn Perchik is Managing Partner of BHED. An accomplished senior executive with over 29 years experience in risk management underwriting, Robyn brings her skills in strategic planning, operations, business development, human resource management and finance to BHED.

Personally, Robyn has been married to her husband Michael for 29 years and is the mother of three boys, Adam (26), Matt (22) and Alex (8), and the grandmother of Joey (8 months). When Alex was a baby, Robyn returned to school and earned her JD, graduating as valedictorian. Robyn understands first-hand the challenges of combining work and home, and the central importance of creating a family.

At BHED, Robyn oversees the day-to-day management of the company, making certain that each person involved is continually kept informed and is treated in a professional yet empathetic manner -- while maintaining confidentiality -- throughout the process. She also manages the various staff and consultants involved with the process, to ensure that the process is efficient, clear and organized at all times.

Robyn holds a BA from SUNY Albany and JD from Southern California Institute of Law.

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