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How to Search our Database

Our searchable donor database can be accessed from any computer, and gives you the ability to send your requests online directly to BHED. In addition, our donor database will enable you to save your searches and rank your donor preferences – so that your spouse or partner can access your list at a different time or from a different location – ensuring both of you are part of the decision making process. Access your choices quickly, easily and privately.

Searching For Your Donor
Searching for a donor is a personal and complex decision. Our donor search tool (see below) offers you several ways to find your donor. Below is the actual search box you will see in your account. If there is something that is important to you that is not available in our search fields, you can speak directly with your coordinator and they will do the research for you.  Throughout your search, your coordinator will be available for answering questions, guiding you through the database and ensuring that you are completely secure in your decision.


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